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The Best Headphones for Travel and Commuting (and Gaming)

Imagine you could consolidate your headset, headphones, and earbud clutter into one headset that checks all the boxes: gaming, travel, music, work, studying, and more.

How many of these audio devices do you own?

A large question mark in the center of a circle of various headsets, headphones, and earbudsSource: wirerealm.com

  • Normal-looking headphones for travel and/or your daily commute that don't have a mic and lack versatility
  • Wireless Bluetooth headphones for music, but an audio delay when watching videos or playing games
  • Space-saving earbuds you throw in your bag for emergencies that don't sound great
  • A gaming headset on your home PC or console that you would not want to wear outside because it looks like this:

Blue and black Kotion Each brand G2000 headset with bright blue LEDs and large microphone

Look, a gamer 😬

Kitchen-guru Alton Brown preaches to avoid "unitaskers" – gadgets that can only serve one single purpose.

Why should your everyday headphones should be any different? Instead, imagine a pair of headphones with:

  • A simple aesthetic that won't blow your cover as a gamer
  • A detachable mic so you can swap between headset (gaming, phone calls, Discord, etc.) and headphones (movies, music, Netflix, etc.)
  • A durable fold-flat design so you can easily take them with you
  • Versatility across PC, Mac, Switch, PlayStation, and mobile, so they work wherever you need them
  • Lag-free wireless audio (way better quality than Bluetooth)

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If this sounds good to you, check out the Arctis 1 Wireless ASAP (or its wired counterpart, the Arctis 1).

If you also have an Xbox (or are planning to pick up the Xbox Series X), check out the Arctis 1 Wireless for Xbox, which will get you wireless on your Xbox and basically every other device.