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SteelSeries has designed a wired and wireless gaming mouse for every gamer and they’re built for gaming precision with optical tracking sensors and hyper durable materials. SteelSeries wired and wireless gaming mice are available in ergonomic, right-handed or ambidextrous designs, and are easily customizable for all FPS, MOBA, and MMO games.

{'tile_available_thumbnails': False, 'customizable_price': None, 'discount_absolute': Decimal('0.00'), 'early_access': False, 'main_item_sku': u'62552', 'image_alternate': None, 'related_items': [], 'new': False, 'web_exclusive': True, 'description': u'* Limited edition Destiny design \r\n* 9 programmable buttons \r\n* 85g competitive lightweight and extra durable', 'price': Decimal('74.99'), 'customizable': False, 'num_in_stock': 725, 'members_only': True, 'document_id': u'572_1169', 'name': u'Rival 5 Destiny Edition', 'image_primary': u'https://media.steelseriescdn.com/thumbs/catalog/items/62552/3feb3ffc40f54d3d8a819a3902b18c85.png.350x280_q100_crop-fit_optimize.png', 'image_carousel': u'https://media.steelseriescdn.com/thumbs/catalog/items/62552/3feb3ffc40f54d3d8a819a3902b18c85.png.270x180_q100_crop-fit_optimize_upscale.png', 'price_is_only_authenticated_users': None, 'url': u'/gaming-mice/rival-5-destiny-edition', 'has_member_price': False, 'is_limited': False, 'price_type': 'msrp', 'related_text': u'', 'bestseller_factor': Decimal('2.4666666666666667850904559600166976451873779296875'), 'discount_percent': Decimal('0.00'), 'options': [], 'msrp': Decimal('74.99')}
{'tile_available_thumbnails': False, 'customizable_price': None, 'discount_absolute': Decimal('0.00'), 'early_access': False, 'main_item_sku': u'62456', 'image_alternate': None, 'related_items': [], 'new': False, 'web_exclusive': False, 'description': u'* Lag-free wireless\r\n* Customizable weight and balance\r\n* Fast-charge 24-hour battery', 'price': Decimal('119.99'), 'customizable': False, 'num_in_stock': 1184, 'members_only': False, 'document_id': u'347_789', 'name': u'Rival 650 Wireless', 'image_primary': u'https://media.steelseriescdn.com/thumbs/catalogue/products/00981-rival-650-wireless/a0fdbba64b844bce8bdf77c801ada302.png.350x280_q100_crop-fit_optimize.png', 'image_carousel': u'https://media.steelseriescdn.com/thumbs/catalogue/products/00981-rival-650-wireless/a0fdbba64b844bce8bdf77c801ada302.png.270x180_q100_crop-fit_optimize_upscale.png', 'price_is_only_authenticated_users': None, 'url': u'/gaming-mice/rival-650-wireless', 'has_member_price': False, 'is_limited': False, 'price_type': 'msrp', 'related_text': u'', 'bestseller_factor': Decimal('3.133333333333333303727386009995825588703155517578125'), 'discount_percent': Decimal('0.00'), 'options': [], 'msrp': Decimal('119.99')}
{'tile_available_thumbnails': False, 'customizable_price': None, 'discount_absolute': Decimal('0.00'), 'early_access': False, 'main_item_sku': u'62521', 'image_alternate': None, 'related_items': [], 'new': False, 'web_exclusive': False, 'description': u'* Lag-free wireless plus Bluetooth\r\n* 400+ hour battery life\r\n* Guaranteed 60 million clicks', 'price': Decimal('49.99'), 'customizable': False, 'num_in_stock': 1239, 'members_only': False, 'document_id': u'475_1025', 'name': u'Rival 3 Wireless', 'image_primary': u'https://media.steelseriescdn.com/thumbs/catalog/items/62521/b733d471bd754fc294aeda4b82f60e30.png.350x280_q100_crop-fit_optimize.png', 'image_carousel': u'https://media.steelseriescdn.com/thumbs/catalog/items/62521/b733d471bd754fc294aeda4b82f60e30.png.270x180_q100_crop-fit_optimize_upscale.png', 'price_is_only_authenticated_users': None, 'url': u'/gaming-mice/rival-3-wireless', 'has_member_price': False, 'is_limited': False, 'price_type': 'msrp', 'related_text': u'', 'bestseller_factor': Decimal('4.5'), 'discount_percent': Decimal('0.00'), 'options': [], 'msrp': Decimal('49.99')}
{'tile_available_thumbnails': False, 'customizable_price': None, 'discount_absolute': Decimal('0.00'), 'early_access': False, 'main_item_sku': u'62513', 'image_alternate': None, 'related_items': [], 'new': False, 'web_exclusive': False, 'description': u'* Lightweight ergonomic design\r\n* Hyper durable build\r\n* Guaranteed 60 million clicks', 'price': Decimal('29.99'), 'customizable': False, 'num_in_stock': 960, 'members_only': False, 'document_id': u'328_764', 'name': u'Rival 3', 'image_primary': u'https://media.steelseriescdn.com/thumbs/catalogue/products/01159-rival-3/480cb112a0c54bc39df42ab335424da3.png.350x280_q100_crop-fit_optimize.png', 'image_carousel': u'https://media.steelseriescdn.com/thumbs/catalogue/products/01159-rival-3/480cb112a0c54bc39df42ab335424da3.png.270x180_q100_crop-fit_optimize_upscale.png', 'price_is_only_authenticated_users': None, 'url': u'/gaming-mice/rival-3', 'has_member_price': False, 'is_limited': False, 'price_type': 'msrp', 'related_text': u'', 'bestseller_factor': Decimal('3.833333333333333481363069950020872056484222412109375'), 'discount_percent': Decimal('0.00'), 'options': [], 'msrp': Decimal('29.99')}
{'tile_available_thumbnails': False, 'customizable_price': None, 'discount_absolute': Decimal('0.00'), 'early_access': False, 'main_item_sku': u'62551', 'image_alternate': None, 'related_items': [], 'new': False, 'web_exclusive': False, 'description': u'* Multi-genre gaming mouse\r\n* 9 programmable buttons\r\n* 85g competitive lightweight and extra durable', 'price': Decimal('59.99'), 'customizable': False, 'num_in_stock': 595, 'members_only': False, 'document_id': u'513_1078', 'name': u'Rival 5', 'image_primary': u'https://media.steelseriescdn.com/thumbs/catalog/items/62551/43bea179306044d396b3b82273182916.png.350x280_q100_crop-fit_optimize.png', 'image_carousel': u'https://media.steelseriescdn.com/thumbs/catalog/items/62551/43bea179306044d396b3b82273182916.png.270x180_q100_crop-fit_optimize_upscale.png', 'price_is_only_authenticated_users': None, 'url': u'/gaming-mice/rival-5', 'has_member_price': False, 'is_limited': False, 'price_type': 'msrp', 'related_text': u'', 'bestseller_factor': Decimal('3.29999999999999982236431605997495353221893310546875'), 'discount_percent': Decimal('0.00'), 'options': [], 'msrp': Decimal('59.99')}
{'tile_available_thumbnails': True, 'customizable_price': None, 'discount_absolute': Decimal('0.00'), 'early_access': False, 'main_item_sku': u'62446', 'image_alternate': None, 'related_items': [{u'sku': u'62446', u'image_primary': u'https://media.steelseriescdn.com/thumbs/catalogue/products/00994-rival-600/bb0a643f86414f49b04da758dd316d16.png.350x280_q100_crop-fit_optimize.png', u'title': u'Black', 'url': '/gaming-mice/rival-600?color=black', u'label': u'Black', 'num_in_stock': 1098, u'values': [{u'option_slug': u'color', u'option_value_label': u'Black', u'option_value_value': u'black', u'option_value_title': u'Black'}], u'name': u'Rival 600'}], 'new': False, 'web_exclusive': False, 'description': u'* Dual optical gaming sensors\r\n* Customizable weight and balance\r\n* Guaranteed 60 million clicks', 'price': Decimal('79.99'), 'customizable': False, 'num_in_stock': 1098, 'members_only': False, 'document_id': u'340_781', 'name': u'Rival 600', 'image_primary': u'https://media.steelseriescdn.com/thumbs/catalogue/products/00994-rival-600/bb0a643f86414f49b04da758dd316d16.png.350x280_q100_crop-fit_optimize.png', 'image_carousel': u'https://media.steelseriescdn.com/thumbs/catalogue/products/00994-rival-600/bb0a643f86414f49b04da758dd316d16.png.270x180_q100_crop-fit_optimize_upscale.png', 'price_is_only_authenticated_users': None, 'url': '/gaming-mice/rival-600?color=black', 'has_member_price': False, 'is_limited': False, 'price_type': 'msrp', 'related_text': u'Available in 1 colors', 'bestseller_factor': Decimal('4.73333333333333339254522798000834882259368896484375'), 'discount_percent': Decimal('0.00'), 'options': [{u'option_slug': u'color', u'option_value_label': u'Black', u'option_value_value': u'black', u'option_value_title': u'Black'}], 'msrp': Decimal('79.99')}

Free Gift with Mouse Purchase*

Receive a free QcK Vector Mousepad with your mouse purchase.

*Excludes Destiny collection. Offer automatically applied in cart and valid on Steelseries.com only.

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Беспроводные Feature not supportedFeature supportedFeature not supportedFeature not supportedFeature not supportedFeature not supportedFeature not supportedFeature supportedFeature supportedFeature supported
Тип сенсора TrueMove Core TrueMove Air TrueMove Air Optical TrueMove Pro TrueMove Core TrueMove Pro Двойной оптический сенсор TrueMove3+ TrueMove Air Двойной оптический сенсор TrueMove3+ TrueMove Air Optical
Разрешение CPI 10–8 500 CPI 100-18 000 CPI 100–18 000 CPI 100–18 000 CPI 200–8 500 CPI 50–18 000 CPI 100–12 000 CPI 200-18 000 CPI 100–12 000 CPI 100–18 000 CPI
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Хват мыши Когтевой и пальцевый Когтевой и пальцевый Claw, Palm, and Fingertip Claw, Palm, and Fingertip Когтевой и пальцевый все Ладонный или когтевой Когтевой и пальцевый Ладонный или когтевой Claw, Palm, and Fingertip
Материал корпуса Матовый Матовый Матовый Матовый Матовый Софт-тач Софт-тач, прочный сплав пластика Матовый Софт-тач, прочный сплав пластика Матовый
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SteelSeries Gaming Mice

Elite gaming mice for every price range

SteelSeries has the top and most awarded mice in gaming with both wired and wireless gaming mouse options. All SteelSeries gaming mice include TrueMove sensors which are designed specifically for each gaming mouse with ideal tracking precision. Keeping the most intense gamers and their budget in mind, SteelSeries mice are built to last at cheap affordable market prices, with hyper durable materials and good switches that maintain consistency over millions and millions of clicks.

Ergonomic designs with pro gamers in mind

All SteelSeries Mice are available in ergonomic, right-handed or ambidextrous designs, and are easily customizable for all FPS, MOBA, and MMO games. Using the SteelSeries Engine, gamers can tweak and tinker to your perfect customization, from lighting effects to fine-tuned sensitivity profiles and more. Our mice are also designed to feel great to the last click by using a comfortable matte finish and soft touch cover materials.

Precise gaming mouse for accurate shooting

Shooters are going to shoot so make sure you are aiming with the best. Built with optical tracking sensors for precise gaming, SteelSeries wired and wireless gaming mice will elevate your FPS experience to the next level. The Rival 650 Wireless features a fast-charge 24-hour battery and lag-free wireless capability while the fleet of SteelSeries wired gaming mice feature dual optical gaming sensors, split trigger mechanical switches, and are guaranteed for 60 million clicks!

Sleek designs for every gamer and built to last

SteelSeries gaming mice are designed for ergonomic, ambidextrous, and right-handed gamers and have customizable weight and balance for every gamer style. The color changing LED feature and programmable buttons make SteelSeries RGB gaming mice a must have PC gaming accessory.

Get the mice esports pros use

Utilizing lightweight ergonomic designs for comfort and optical gaming sensors for true 1-to-1 tracking, SteelSeries gaming mice allow for precision and stabilization when gamers need it most. Built with esports pros in mind, our gaming mice are built with mechanical switches and hyper durable materials to withstand the most intense wear and tear from any gamer.