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 Arctis 7x+ headset, sitting on a headset stand. Badges to left read: "Designed for Xbox", "Arctis 7: Best gaming headset: PC Gamer", "Arctis 7P: Best headset for PS5: Tom's Guide", "Arctis 7P: Best headset for PS5: T3", and "Arctis 7: Best Gaming Headset: Forbes". Badges to the left read: "Arctis 7x: Best wireless gaming headset: IGN", "Arctis 7x: Best gaming headset: Tom's Guide", "Arctis 7p: Best wireless gaming headset: Eurogamer", "Arctis 7: Best wireless gaming headset: Rock Paper shotgun."

 Arctis 7X+ thumbnail 2, opens dialog

 Bottom view of Arctis 7x+ Xbox gaming headset, with audio cord about to plug in.

 Arctis 7x+ headset with microphone extended.

 Arctis 7x+ Xbox headphones viewed from the front, showing off the cushions and adjustable headband

 Overhead view of 7x+ Xbox headset to show off the adjustable headband.

 Bottom view of Arctis 7x+ gaming headset, showing off the adjustable chatmix dials and retracted microphone.

Arctis 7X+

  • Designed for Xbox Series X|S and also compatible with Xbox One, PC, PlayStation, Android, Oculus Quest 2, USB-C iPads. and Nintendo Switch
  • Multi-Platform USB-C dongle lets you swap easily between systems for low latency 2,4 GHz wireless designed for gaming
  • Features the latest USB-C charging for maximum flexibility plus 15 min fast charge for 3 hour usage
  • Upgraded 30-hour battery life outlasts even your longest gaming sessions
  • Discord-certified ClearCast bidirectional noise cancelling microphone
  • Невероятная детализация звука в играх
price $169,99
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price $169,99
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  • ✔ Full 30-day money-back guarantee

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Designed for Xbox Series X

Experience the next-gen of wireless audio, battery life, comfort, and versatility on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC and more.

Image of the A7X leaning against an Xbox console and Xbox controller.


Game everywhere with the compact USB-C dongle for a seamless transition between Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, Switch, and more.

Android, iphone, xbox one, xbox series x, and PC all showing connectivity to headset
Closeup of usb-c cord, connecting with the artic 7x+ headset.

USB-C Charging + Improved Battery Life

30-Hour Battery Life

Upgraded battery life now with 30 hours of nonstop wireless usage, so you can game all day and night on a single charge using USB-C.

USB-C Charging

All new updated USB-C charging port brings the latest standard with 15min quick charge for 3 hours play time.

Arctis завоевали большое количество наград

With the same high-quality speaker drivers as the Arctis 7 Series, the Arctis 7X+ emphasizes subtle sounds to give you an audio advantage in your favorite games.

In game with soldier's footsteps making noise and sound waves move out from his footfall
Closeup view of the Arctis 7x+ wireless gaming headset with the mic extended.

Микрофон с шумоподавлением ClearCast

The retractable Discord Certified ClearCast microphone uses a bidirectional design, the same used by aircraft carrier deck crews for superior noise cancellation, making your voice sound clear and natural.

Для устройств нового поколения

SteelSeries offers multiple headsets compatible with the next-gen Xbox Series X|S, as well as Xbox One and other platforms.

View All Xbox Headsets


Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One

  • беспроводная USB
  • ChatMix


  • беспроводная USB или USB-C
  • ChatMix* (via Sonar)
  • *Windows 10 and above

Nintendo Switch

  • беспроводная USB или USB-C
  • *ChatMix not supported

PlayStation 4

  • беспроводная USB или USB-C
  • *ChatMix not supported

PlayStation 5

  • беспроводная USB или USB-C
  • *ChatMix not supported


  • беспроводная USB-C
  • *Модель Samsung Galaxy Note 10 полностью поддерживает передачу звука через USB-C, но более ранние версии смартфонов Galaxy позволяют передавать только звук, а не голосовой чат

Oculus Quest 2

  • Oculus Quest
  • беспроводная USB-C
  • *Audio Only

Неодимовые динамики

40 мм

Частотный диапазон

20–20000 Гц

Уровень громкости

98 dBSPL

Сопротивление наушников

32 Ом

Коэффициент нелинейных искажений наушников

< 3%

Регулятор громкости наушников

На наушнике

Частотный диапазон

100 – 6500 Гц

Направленность микрофона


Чувствительность микрофона

-38 dBV/Pa

Сопротивление микрофона

2200 Ом

Расположение микрофона



40 футов, 12 м

Ресурс батареи

30 часов

Руководство пользователя

Arctis 7X+ Headset

USB-C Wireless Dongle

4-pole 3,5 mm Audio Cable

USB-C Charging Cable

USB-C to USB-A Adapter Cable

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Часто задаваемые вопросы

Is the Arctis 7X+ next-gen ready for Xbox Series X?

The Arctis 7X+ is optimized for the Xbox Series X|S as well as Xbox One. Подключение по радиоканалу 2,4 ГГц при помощи комплектного USB донгла обеспечивает наилучшую передачу звука без проводов. Также гарнитуру можно подключить к другим игровым устройствам.

What is ChatMix?

ChatMix is a feature that allows you to control how much you hear Xbox game audio vs. how much you hear in-game chat from your teammates. The adjustment of ChatMix for the Arctis 7X+ can be easily adjusted using the control dial located on the right earcup. When using ChatMix on PC an additional download is required for the on headset control to function. Visit www.steelseries.com/sonar or for more help or troubleshooting please check the product information guide or contact support.

Does the Arctis 7X+ use Bluetooth?

Нет, используется более продвинутый способ. Подключение производится по радиоканалу 2.4 ГГц, также как у Arctis 7 и Arctis Pro Wireless. Так достигается гораздо более высокая производительность, чем при использовании Bluetooth. Звук передается без сжатия, что обеспечивает более высокое качество по сравнению с Bluetooth. Кроме того, передача отличается ультранизкой задержкой, так что вы будете моментально слышать абсолютно все, что происходит на экране, в отличие от Bluetooth, где задержка очень заметна.

Что делать, если на моем устройстве нет USB-C?

Ничего страшного! The Arctis 7X+ includes an adapter cable that allows you to connect the wireless dongle to any traditional USB-A port. Функциональность при подключении к USB-A с помощью адаптера или напрямую к USB-C абсолютно идентична.

Does voice chat work on all phones or iPads with USB-C?

Newer iPad Pro or Air models with USB-C ports will work for both voice and audio with the Arctis 7x+. Most Modern USB-C Phones do work, but some older Samsung Galaxy phones (Galaxy Note10 or earlier) only support audio and not voice functionality via USB-C due to Samsung firmware not being updated. You can still listen to games, music, and videos, but will not be able to use the headset mic for calls or voice chat.

My headset has sound for Xbox, but not for other devices?

On the USB-C dongle there is a switch that toggles between two different modes: one mode for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, the other mode for all other devices. Make sure that your USB-C dongle is toggled to the correct wireless mode, especially if it is working with your Xbox. For more help or trouble shooting please check the product information guide or contact support.